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Telecoms Technical Issues


Historical information on UK approvals and standards

Overview Document

List of NTRs and their Status

Draft Vade Mecum available for comment: GUIDE TO THE IMPLEMENTATION OF DIRECTIVES BASED ON NEW APPROACH AND GLOBAL APPROACH (NB this is a zipped collection of 11 parts). Download zipped file 141 k Please note that this is only a draft and may not yet be accurate!

Statement about approvals for new services using General Approvals and about development of further NTRs New services (PDF 6k)

General Approvals have been issued by Oftel since September 98. GAs available on the Oftel site are:
GA 22: Trials;
GA 25: Cable wire and wiring accessories;
GA 26: Ethernet cards;
GA 27: Set-top boxes;
GA 28: 2-wire AC;
GA 29: 4-wire AC
GA 30: 2-wire DC;
GA 31: 4-wire DC;
GA 32: TETRA mobiles approved in other countries (to support bilateral agreements before CTR is in force)
GA 33: Digital equipment using ITU-T Rec I.432.5 or ETSI I-ETS 300 811 interface at 25.6 Mbit/s;
GA 34: Digital equipment using ITU-T Rec G.957 optical interface at STM-1, STM-4 or STM-16 data rates;
GA 35:
Digital equipment using ITU-T G.703 interface operating at 155 Mbit/s (incl ATM);
GA 36: Digital equipment using ITU-T G.703 or ANSI T1.102 interface operating at 45.736 Mbit/s (incl ATM);

Arrangements for TETRA approvals and operation of MOU on mutual recognition of approvals:
Explanation; draft MOU; Designation of NTR 17; Designation of NTR 18 (
short Word documents)

Commission EMC Guidelines (PDF format) Main (185k)

Guide to Low Voltage Directive prepared by the Commission (PDF 60 k)


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