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R&TTE Directive and the new "Approvals" Regime

Link to DTI R&TTE Page

Please use our special page with the latest information on the implementation of the Directive. Click the link above this line.

Text of the R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC) in PDF: Text in PDF 124 kb

The UK Statutory Instrument 2000 No 730 implementing the Directive:

Notified Body contact details and Guidance on their operations.

There are several other documents on the DTI R&TTE page.

The collection of documents previously available on this page about the old regime is still available but on a separate page "Historical Documents". These documents may still be useful as they show what was considered necessary to meet essential requirements. Where the essential requirements in the Direective (ie the wording of the articles) have not changed significantly, these docuements indicate technical requirements that meet the essential requirements and so have an informal presumption of conformity.

Link to DTI Historical Documents

Visitors to DTI

DTI offices are located near to Victoria Station. You can reserve hotels and bed/breakfast accommodation through:

British Hotel Reservation Centre

You can also get some gifts for the upcomig Christmas holidays - just ask the BHRC representatives.

BHRC has offices in Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at Heathrow

Support for People with Disabilities

We would welcome information to help manufacturers understand the needs of people with disabilities so that they can design equipment to meet these needs. Please inform us of any relevant information and we will add links from this site.

Ricability (founded by the Consumer Association) publishes information for older people and people with disabilities.

Large structured list of Forums, regulators, standards bodies & test labs etc in other countries

Notifications under Directive 83/189/EEC

To access information on the recent notifications click here:- Notification list


The DTI's Technical Advice and Policy Committee (TAPC) considers approvals issues.

The contact point for TAPC is:

Darryl Evans, CII 3 Division, DTI

Studies and Presentations

The Development of VoIP


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